How to make money from Fiverr

fiverr earning method

There are so many ways on the internet to make money online. In some previous posts I discussed some methods to make money from youtube and google adsense. Now in this blog post I am explaining a unique and legimate way to earn money online. In this blog post i am explaining about Fiverr.

What is fiverr ?

In simple words we can say that Fiverr is an online Marketplace of services. In this website some people sold their servicess and some buy services. there are so many online marketplace in internet but the most important thing in feverr is that everything is here at just $5 USD.

On internet many people needs services. Some needs facebook likes while others needs website help. Some needs video editors and some needs sound editors. There are so many tasks like these on fiverr and if you know something like this, You can sell your services on fiverr and earn $5USD per task that you do on fiverr.
Now let we know how we can do this.

  • Firstly go to and create an account there.
  • When you register there you will recieve an email from fiverr and when you click on the link in your email you account becomes active.
  • After that click on edit your profile and fill all the essential data there. Click on save changes.
  • Now create some Gigs on fiverr.
  • Open create a Gig and list your services that you can do.
  • Fill out all the information there and after that publish your Gig.
  • It is recommendable that  you upload your video to your Gig. It is noted that those who upload video will get good response.

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