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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Google's Android Lollypop 5.1 new update released with new features

As we all know that Google's android is now the largest using operating system in the world it provides us various functions apps and many more games. Android is popular because it is an open source operating system, and by source we mean that anybody can released his own app. And google also provide us various updates in its operating system and now they are in lolipop version of android.

      Now google released its first major updates for lollipop with some cool new features that users will appreciate.

      One of the most interesting new features included in android 5.1 is device protection which work similar as Apple's activation lock in iOS. It means that users can prevent thieves from activating stolen android handset without having access to google account the device is linked.

      Another interesting new feature for lollypop includes support for high definition voice call on compatible devices. HD voice gives a crystal clear calling in compatible android 5.1 devices.
The other main features of android 5.1 lollipop is as follows:-
  • Multiple SIM Support
  • Device Protection
  • High Definition Voice Calling
  • Join Wi-Fi networks and access paired Bluetooth devices directly from Quick Settings
  • Bug fixes and improvements

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