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Monday, 9 March 2015

How to fix logged out from other devices problem in blogger

Hello friends today when i logged in to my blogger account i noticed an error there , which is happening in the settings and under settings, basic settings the title of my blog is disappeared from the place. When i check description it was also disappears 100 disappear description options i noticed privacy setting which shows that my blog is not listed on blogger and it is not visible to search engines i tried to fix that one and i tried to make it listed on blogger. And also i tried to make it visible to search engines but when i click save changes it shows that "you have logged out from other locations."

   I tried all the methods posted in google forums blogger forum but did not find any solution then i found a way by which i can fix that error. I am going to describe that one below. I am using mozilla firefox and i uncheck third party cookies and solve the problem and my blogger acts as before. No i am going to show you the exact way by which you can also do the same just follow the steps on mozilla firefox, but you can also use in safari, google chrome, opera browser and another browser you are using. Just follow the below steps.
1. Go to the menu option of your mozilla firefox on the top right corner now go to options and under options click on privacy settings

2. Now check "history" tab under privacy settings and look at the window displays "use custom settings for firefox" and under that you can check that "accept cookies from site" and after that you will need to set that accept third party cookies set to "never".

3. Now click on save and reopen your blogger account you can see that everything was fine.

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