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Friday, 6 March 2015

How to get more traffic to your blog

Every single person love blogging. And it is a fact that every blogger needs good traffic. This is because most of the bloggers are interested to earn money from google adsense. so if you are looking for making money with google adsense it is very much essential to get more traffic to your blog.
  Every blogger needs traffic but only few of them got succeed. There are number of techniques to get more traffic.

Rich content :- it is very essential for all browsers that their content is the key you must produce original and content that may be useful for audience.
Social Media :- new bloggers should improve the audience of their blog by sharing their articles to various social media websites like facebook twitter interest  google+ and many more.
Provide usefull resource :- you should also make your blog more resourcesfull that more people visit it frequently. Focus on developing a resource for your blog that has useful information and provide the readers of the answers of problems
Interlink Posts :- when you write some post don't forget to interlink it with one another when you use the related post widget the posts related to the label or sean always use the related post widget after post and before the comments.


  1. कुछ नई बातें जानकारी में आई हैं. आभार.

  2. ऐसा लग रहा है कि 'Related Posts Widget' dynamic views template के साथ काम नहीं करता.

    1. I think so but i will update you soon.