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Thursday, 12 March 2015

How to make Android phone run faster

We all love our android devices but after using sometimes when we want to press home screen or menu button we just feel that the android device start hanging. There are some days by which you can make your android devices 100 percent faster. These are as follows:-
1. Disable live wallpapers
    If you want a superior performance of your android, you should disable all the live wallpapers if you are using them. Live wallpapers consume a lot of ram which results in slowing down of android devices.

If you choose to use live wallpapers then consider replacing it with a good static image because live wallpapers that are badly made will need more cpu cycles to run, thus draining the battery faster. Every time you activate the home screen run not only your apps but also you live wallpaper. You can change your live wallpapers with long press on the home screen. You should select a stable wallpaper live wallpaper.

2. Clean up your home screen
     You should also cleaned away any unused icons and limit your widgets to the essentials. The less cluttered your home screen is, the better in terms of performance. Reducing the number of widgets, especially data-intensive ones like facebook will help your smartphone or tablet run more smoothly and last longer.

3. Turn off or reduce animations
     You can make your android device feel snappier by reducing or turning off animations. You will need to enable developer options in order to do this. Go to settings, about phone, scroll down to build number and tap it 7 times you will nowhave access to developer options.
You can now go back to the previous menu and you should see developer options listed under system. Head in there and scroll down to find window animation scale, transition animation scale, and animator duration scale.

4. Uninstall and disable unused apps
      If you don't want to allow apps that you never use to take up space on your device and potentially eat into system resources.
      Go to settings > apps on swipe over to the all tab. Take a good day long look down the list and identify the absolute don't want or need.
      Tap on any app you don't want and then choose uninstall or, if the option is not there to uninstall, tap disable.
      Disable app will be listed in a new tab, so you can always enable them again in future if you change your mind.

5. Clear cached app data
Cached data for apps should help them to load more quickly, but it can build up over time to take up quite a lot of space and there will be potentially be cached data in there for apps that you no longer use.  So you should always clear cached app data in your device.

6. Use apps to free up the ram
There are android applications for virtually everything you need, you so you can use one that lets you analyse your device's memory and also free up space with little effort on your part.
A few very good ones are :-
  • Clean master
  • The cleaner
  • Du speed booster
  • Ccleaner and many more.
By using such tips you can make your android device 100 % faster than before.

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