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Friday, 6 March 2015

How to Put Auto-responder in GMail

What is an auto responder :-
     The first question is that what is auto responder. When you have Internet connection then you can check your e-mail and respond. But when you are on holiday or on such place where you cannot reply to your e-mail then what should you do. In such type of situations you can select auto responder. And whenever person tried to e-mail you at that specific time then he will automatically get a reply that you are not available. Or we can also say that an auto responder will give an automatic reply to your mailing person that you are not available at that specific time and when you will get back to them.
   We are going to set up an auto responder to gmail account and for that purpose you should first login to your gmail account. And then follow the below steps :-

1. Click on the setting on the top right of the gmail account. Then a drop down menu appears and click on the settings.

2. Then a new web page will open scroll down the page and check the vacation responder. ( vacation responder add autoresponder is the same thing some people also call it out of office responder.) now recently the vacation responder is off you should click the radio button and turn it vacation responder on then click on last day and it will show a date prior to a week you can also adjust the date. 

3. Now click on the subject and Internet which suits your needs for example if you are on holiday then right there i am on holiday. 

4. Now click on the message and enter your message when you enter the message after that there is also a message here below the message box that only sent a response to people in my contacts it is for those person who have many promotional e-mails whenever a promotional e-mail arrives autoresponder will not give them a reply you should check this button and then it will always reply to your contacts. now you should save the changes.
     Now all the work is done and if a person send you a message now and that person's e-mail address is in your contact then she will automatically got your reply.

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