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Friday, 13 March 2015

How to use whatsapp calling feature

How to use whatsapp calling feature

There is a good news for whatsapp users. The much awaited version of whatsapp is released now with calling support. Whats whatsapp released an updated version of whatsapp by which users can use whatsapp calling feature. In the below steps i am going to explain how you can use the calling feature in whatsapp.

How to activate calling feature in whatsapp

1. Activate the calling feature you should have the latest version 2.11.561 of whatsapp you can click here to download the latest version. And then install it.

2. When you install this version your old version will be updated now.

3. If your friend have whatsapp calling feature activated then when he call you and when you accepts his call then you will get the new feature in your whatsapp.and your whatsaap homesreen looks like this
Whatsapp call

4. If none of your friends haven't whatsapp calling feature enabled, then you can text me on whatsapp number 09697645593 and i will give you a Whatsapp call and when you accept that call, your whatsapp screen turns like this with a new calling button on top right 
Whatsapp call

Make sure that you download the latest whatsapp version 2.11.561 from this link.

 So friends enjoy the new calling feature in whatsapp. 

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