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Friday, 6 March 2015

use your android phone as Walkie Talkie device

Hello friends now i am going to show you how you can use your android phone as a walkie talkie. Firstly we should know that how walkie talkie works there are many other apps like viber , whatsapp etc. you have to call on phone and there is a person required on the other side who needs to accept that call. But Walkie talkie apps based on push to talk here you need to press just one button and you can talk to one or more than one person at a single time. 

      Let's assume that you work in an office and you need to talk your colleagues and batchmates then you can use walkie torquay at this time if you are outside from your home and your phone connection is very weak if there is a wifi connection available then you can easily contact with them and you can talk with them.

      There are so many walkie talkie apps available in the market but here we are talking about Voxer. Voxer is easily available in the android market yeah you can send voice messages text messages photos messages and you can also share your location to your friends.

1. Now firstly install voxer on your android device. 

2. Now open your voxer app and register there. You will find welcome screen, set your username and password the username is preset in the voxer app but you can change it manually.

3. Now you will find all your contacts that are already used voxer in there android device you can also invite any of your contact to voxer.
              Now follow the steps and use it your android device is now a walkie talkie device and you can send messages to those peoples who already have installed voxer in there android device

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